Historical Tidbits about
    Mills, NEBRASKA!!!

  • E. S. Lingo had a poem for Mills that went like this:

"Mills, Mills
between two hills
Where the sun shines
but two hours a day"
  • At one time Mills had three grocery stores.
  • Charlie Petersen had a barber shop.
  • Mills had a sale yard on the south side of the road.
  • Telephone Central Exchange was in the E.S Lingo's store.
  • During World War II E.S Lingo would go to Sioux City to buy groceries.
  • The store from Gregory would come down to buy from E.S. Lingo.
  • If stores from Sioux City would not give Lingo Supplies he would set down and cry until they gave him suppies.
  • There was a cream station at one time in Mills.  It was operated  by Wayne Vawser.
  • The school house used to set on the east side of Mills up on the Hill.
  • Nora Shaw used to own the Post Office.
  • Mills used to have a population of around 45 at one time.
  • Mills also had a bank at one time.





by Corey Focken
Last updated 4/9/99