Niobrara Valley House of Renewal
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Niobrara means spreading waters.

The valley is surrounded by hills, nourished by the spreading waters of 
the Missouri River, the Ponca Creek, and the Niobrara River, expressing a wealth of strength. It is with this powerful symbol that God says, “Come into My House” -- “Be Renewed in My Living Water”.
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“Streams will burst forth in the burning sands and rivers in the Steppes. Those redeemed will come to Zion singing with everlasting joy. A highway will be there called the Holy Way.
Fear not, here is your God. He comes to save you.”
- Isaiah 35
Experience God’s invitation to come to be refreshed and renewed in the living water of His house. We have many events during the year.
Come for your retreats, seminars, workshops, receptions, renewal activities and meetings of all kinds.
A great place for a time of reflection for your special group

Register by mailing your request or call the House of Renewal to make appointments for spiritual direction, for overnight stays, for some personal time for you.
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