Three River History

The first telephone line was built by Charles Anderson in 1898 and connected his stores in Lynch with Anderson’s landing. Later in 1900 Will Tonner built a line north of town and had the switch located in his drug store. A line was added northwest of town and in 1912 the Pickering family merged and operated all of the telephone lines and later sold the business to the Binkerd family. The service area was enlarged by adding lines to the Monowi and Redbird communities. By the 1950’s the service area had expanded to cover most of the Lynch trade area, and the telephone company was owned by Clarence (Leland) Moody.

At a meeting held on July 21, 1955 the Boyd County Telephone Corporation was incorporated with the original incorporators being: Grafton Franklin and Albert Peed, Verdel; Thomas J Courtney Jr. and Aldon Zink, Lynch; Reo Ludemann and John Davis, Naper, and Frank Carsten of Redbird.

The new company secured an REA loan to purchase, build, and operate a dial phone system. The project called for new automatic dial equipment to serve 680 customers with the main office to be in Lynch. The company acquired several smaller telephone companies in 1956 such as Home Telephone Co. in Lynch from Clarence Moody Jr., Verdel Community Telephone Co., and Farm and Home Telephone Co. in Naper. Between 1957 and 1960 other telephone areas acquired included Applecreek Telephone Co, Redbird; Dorsey Telephone Co; Springview Telephone Exchange in Keya Paha County as well as many farmer owned lines and the Mills and Burton systems. Finally the Johnstown Telephone Co. west of Ainsworth was also included.

September 1976 the membership voted at the annual meeting to change the name of the company from Boyd County Telephone Company to Three River Telco because it was now serving customers from five different counties.

The entire system was covered with aerial lines and new dial switchboards were installed in 1961.

By 1964 a new brick building was constructed to house the company headquarters, which is still the company headquarters today.

Between the years of 1979 and 1981 all the lines were buried and new digital switchboards were installed, which gave approximately 1,200 subscribers the most modern telephone services with 100% one party service.

TRT began the payment of capital credits to their customers in 1991. TRT hopes to continue the payment policy in future years if possible.

In 1992 Three River Telco (TRT) replaced the existing copper toll lines and copper data lines that connected the host central offices to remote offices with fiber optic cable. This new light wave transmission system allowed our subscribers to use new technology equipment that required high speed transmission and greatly improved the quality of the toll service.

1997 saw TRT bring online its first Internet (dial up) customer. Shortly thereafter DSL (digital subscriber line) high speed internet service followed.

September 2002 the membership voted at the annual meeting to approve a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) overbuild in Ainsworth. The name of the TRT subsidiary is Three River Communications, LLC (TRC). The new company secured a RUS Broadband loan to build and operate a telecommunications system in Ainsworth. The first TRC customer came online in the Spring of 2004.

By 2007 TRT and TRC combined to serve over 2,200 subscriber lines with over 950 Internet users. TRT also have over 300 miles of buried fiber optics cable.

Consider this paragraph written in 1995 by a former General Manager:

Three River Telco has always stayed abreast with the most modern types of telephone services, in fact, was the pioneer of north central Nebraska in certain types of custom services. Plans are already being formulated to continue to give to the subscribers any of the new types of services being made available in a fast changing telephone environment. You can read philosophy of TRT company at https://studentshare.net/philosophy.

Those statements not only apply to 1995 customers, but also to today’s customers, as well as tomorrow’s customers.