Three River Scholarships

Dear High School Student,

Thank you for your interest in applying for one of our Three River Scholarships that will be awarded in 2021. We are very excited to be able to give back to the young members within our service communities.


We are asking our High School Student applicants to fill out the application and type a double spaced 200 - 250 word essay on one of these topics:  

  1. What is the importance of Broadband Internet in a Rural Community?

  2. What field of major do you intend to enter and how might it impact your rural community?

  3. How have you demonstrated leadership in school, sports and/or everyday life?

Applicants must be enrolled and graduating from High School the current 2020-2021 school year.  The  Parent/Guardian must be a subscriber to one of the Three River services.


High School Students applying for Three River Scholarship must attach the following to their applications.

  • One letter of recommendation from an educator or local community leader

  • Three River Scholarship application

  • School transcripts

  • 200 - 250 word essay


Any scholarship application not completed in its entirety, with all required attachments, may be disqualified if not received prior to April 1st, 2021 to:


Three River Telco

c/o Scholarship Committee
PO Box 66
Lynch NE 68746


We will judge the scholarship on scholastic achievement, creativity, and originality in presentation, community involvement, activities, need, future goals, and genuine interest in education continuation.

Remember that you must be planning to attend a college or university in the fall of 2021.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 866-569-2666.

Good Luck,
Steven Dorf

Past Scholarship Winners


Paige Bruns Rock, County High School Mattie Sawle, Keya Paha County School Jory Carson, West Boyd County School Breanna Allen, Crofton Community School Kelly McCarthy - Alternate, West Boyd County School Cade Kalkowski - Alternate, Niobrara Public School Tyson Hostert, O'Neill Public High School Austin Harthoorn, Ainsworth High School Mathew Kovar, Ainsworth High School Heather Martin, Ainsworth High School Hayes Chohon, Ainsworth High School Victoria Osterman, Valentine High School Nicole Lurz, Valentine High School Gary Jackson, Valentine High School Sydney Fling, Ainsworth High School


Phillip Lewis, Keya Paha County School Moriah Heerten, Keya Paha County School Kara Bruns - Alternate , Keya Paha County School Madison Rossmeier , Lynch Public School Hollyn Nelson, Lynch Public School Mikah Strom - Alternate , Lynch Public School Natalie Brodersen , O’Neill Public School Bridget Schneider, St. Mary's School Brandi Taylor - Alternate , O'Neill Public School Shea Sinsel, Ainsworth Community School Kirsten Gilliland, Ainsworth Community School Maikayla Weiss, Ainsworth Community School Laura Peters, Ainsworth Community School Marcus Osborn - Alternate , Ainsworth Community School Sophie Lopez, Valentine Community School


Michaela Franklin, Keya Paha School Alexis Rutar, Keya Paha School Kiley Hallock, Keya Paha School Sydney Linse, Keya Paha School Miah Wiebelhaus, Keya Paha School Gina McCarthy, Boyd County Public School Erin Painter, Ainsworth Community School


Elena Tiefenthaler, Keya Paha County School Becky Chase - Alternate, Keya Paha County School Alyssa Ludwig, West Boyd Public School Kendra Froman, Lynch Public School Erin Swartz, Lynch Public School Tate Purviance - Alternate, Lynch Public School Tejlor Strope, O’Neill Public School Corbin Dean, O'Neill Public School Aleigha Holz - Alternate, O'Neill Public School Britley Schlueter, Ainsworth Community School Jack Arens, Ainsworth Community School Jacce Beck, Ainsworth Community School Emma Good, Ainsworth Community School Whittney Killion - Alternate, Ainsworth Community School Lyle Cate III, Valentine Community School Katelynn Jackson, Valentine Community School Bayden Sayer - Alternate, Valentine Community School


Ashley Connell, Keya Paha County School
Kristine Cronk, Keya Paha County School
Kylin Munger - Alternate, Keya Paha County School
Adrianne Bengtson, Boyd County School
Blake Ahlers, Boyd County School
Jesse Cline - Alternate, Boyd County School
Maria Harthoom, Ainsworth Community School
Claire Steinhauser, Ainsworth Community School
Jocob Sinsel, Ainsworth Community School
Morgan Osborn, Ainsworth Community School
Luke Peters - Alternate, Ainsworth Community School
Grace Robinson, Valentine Community School
Jacob Hanshew, Valentine Community School
Kierra Gracey - Alternate, Valentine Community School
Payton Birkel, O’Neill Public High School