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Three River Security

Three River would like to introduce a whole new level of safety for the things that matter most in your life.  We can secure your home or business to give you peace of mind.  Whether you’re home or away, at your desk or on the go, our interactive security systems make it simple to monitor your property, monitor your business, keep love ones safe, protect employees, stay connected from anywhere.

You can also save 10-20% on your monthly insurance by having a state-of-the-art security system professionally installed a Three River technician.

Home Automation


Since you can’t be everywhere at once, our interactive home security system will help you feel like you are.  Receive emails and text message with photo or video clips when events occur.  Watch live videos from the touch screen in your home or from miles away on any mobile device.

The Lynx 5100 Security Systems has energy managements to help you maximize energy efficiency and save money on your utility bills, while protecting what matters most to you.  You can easily manage your thermostat and lighting settings from your computer or mobile device.  With the in-home touch screen, you can control your system, thermostat, lighting, and more at the touch of a button.  For your convenience you can remotely unlock your doors, disarm, or scheduled events with your Lynx 5000.

Personal Fall Security

A Personal Fall Help Alert System – will allow you to enjoy living independently at home with peace of mind knowing that should, you fall, help is always available at the push of a button.

A Personal Fall System consists of a medical alert button that is worn conveniently on the wrist or around the neck.  When the button is pressed it sends a wireless signal to a base station that automatically dial’s the monitoring station,  Within seconds, a personal operator will come over the base station’s two way speaker and send emergency help if needed.

  • Get fast access to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a weekLinear 4200 

  • Fall Detect* will automatically call for help if a fall is detected

  • Personal Fall System is easy to use and can help you remain independent in your ow of a touch of a button to call for help.

  • Two-way voice capability

  • Illuminated “Help” button – back light and easier to see at night

  • Braille labels for HELP, HOME, and CANCEL buttons

  • Add on Fire and Carbon detectors available.

  • Up to 1,000’ of transmitter coverage using a Long Range transmitters

  • System standard with backup battery power to stay protected when the power goes out.

  • Environment temperature sensor, to provide high and low temperature alerts.

  • Capacity for up to 16 DX/DXS transmitters.

  • Free local professional installation, with fast setup and local programming

  • Low Monthly monitoring fee of $32.00 mo (monitoring within the USA)

  • No Equipment to purchase

  • No Contract

Burglary Protection


Security to give you peace of mind.  Our interactive security system delivers 24-hour central station monitoring for intrusion, fire protection, carbon detection, flood protection, and personal safety.  The system can be personal designed to protect what matters to you most. 

Theft Protection – Wireless theft protection sensors can be affixed to any valuable in your home, and alert you when an attempt is made to move or disturb the object. Great for flat screen TVs, artwork, computers, antiques and more.

UL-Approved 24-Hour Monitoring – In the event of an instruction, your system will automatically alert our UL- approved 24-hour monitoring service who will immediately contact he proper authorities.

Always Connected – Constant broadband communication to our monitoring center ensures that your home or business never goes a moment unprotected. Available backup power and cellular connectivity to provide extra layer of security.

Secure Web and Mobile- Access – Complete remote access to your security system is available on your personal and secure webpage or smart-phone.  Owners can remotely activate or disarm the system.  Verify that the doors and window are closed.  Of any one is moving in the rooms.  View event driven video clips or pictures with the add-on WAP camera’s.  Adjust temperature settings, and turn on lights, from across town or across the world.

Professional Installation – The interactive security system is installed in your home or business using advanced security equipment.  A Three River professionally trained technician performs the entire installation with minimal drilling, for wireless installation.

Fire & Carbon Monitoring

Protect Above and Beyond

Your Lynx Security System provides you with Fire and Carbon monitoring service.  The traditional fire and carbon detectors will only sound an alert within the home or business.  With the Lynx system when fire and carbon detector are triggered in your home or business, dwellers will receive a sound alert as well as the the monitoring center who will then dispatch your local fire department.

Enviromental Sensors

Help Prevent Disaster Before it Starts

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements, these detectors can notify you when detecting floods, leaks and extreme temperatures—helping to minimize the risk of dangerous conditions and damages to your home and valuables.


Temperature sensors are available to detect change it temperature to avoid frozen pipes or that deep freezer full of food.

Video Service

Who says you can’t be everywhere at once?  If you have a laptop, smartphone, or any web-enabled device, you’ve got everything you need to look in on your home, family, or business wherever you are over a high secure internet connection.


Total Connect Video Service lets you effortlessly look in on any location.  You can customize recordings settings based on video motion detection or schedules.  Choose the exact events you want to view and when they occur, to view now or later.  View live streaming video, record and store video clips, take snapshots or have pictures e-mailed to you upon an event.  Have the convince and peace of mind to be able to check-in and see that your child made it home safe from school and view them walk-in the front door.  Have an email or text message sent to your smartphone when an employee has clocked in on time.

View cameras on a single screen or one at a time, selectively steam video, pan and tilt cover multiple angles of a room or move the camera around the premises whenever you want.  View up to six live video feed from inside or outside your home.

Mobile Convenience – With a tap of the finger, the Total Connect Remote Service apps let you control your security system, receive text messages and email alerts – even view live video on your IPhone, IPad, IPod touch, Blackberry, or Android devices.